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Featherlite Horse Trailers

Building a broad range of trailer products, Featherlite Trailers combines all their knowledge and craftmanship in their horse trailers. We'll provide you with a quick overview of their prizewinning products, to help you find the best Featherlite Horse Trailer.

Model Overview

Bumper Pull Trailers
The basic model horse trailer, providing room for 2 or more horses, ánd a dressing room which can be used as a storage room. This model of horse trailer can be connected to a standard bumper hitch. Since all Featherlite Horse Trailers have double axles, these trailers are stable whilst on the move, and when stationary.

Gooseneck Horse Trailers
When you need more loading capacity, a gooseneck trailer is the way to go. Not only a higher capacity, but also the stable and smooth ride makes this model a popular choise amongst customers. The 8400 series Combo Trailer provides you with a versatile trailer to move your horses or livestock. Aside from its spacious loading area for your horses, these models sport a dressing room that doubles as an cargo area.

Big Horse Trailers
When your horses demand more space (even small horses will appreciate the extra room), a big horse trailer fits the bill. Being wider and taller, the ride won't be as tiring for your horses. Especially the upgrade of overhead space will keep your hores calmer and less cramped. The Big Horse Trailers are available in bumper hitch and goosneck models. And are -like all Featherlite Horse Trailers- available in an array of different layouts.

Living Quarters

Being on the road a lot, not only your horses need the best care and comfort, you will also need a comfortable place to clean up, cook and rest. Several trailers models of Featherlite can be factory fitted with living quarters. Ranging from basic sleeping and washing facilities to fully equipped spacious hotel-like living areas. Since the different configurations are unlimited you will always be able to find the perfect layout to match your and your horses' needs.

Building Quality

Being around since 1973, this All American company can lean on decades of trailer building experience. It all began with the first ever built full-aluminium gooseneck trailer. And since that moment, the all-aluminium building style has been used in almost all their models. Dealerships can be found averywhere in the United States and Canada.